Week #21

We had to walk away discreetly, we did’t want to draw attention to ourselves. We knew something was about to happen, and we had to get as far away as possible. But, in order for us to survive we couldn’t tell the others what was about to happen. It took everything in me not to give them a warning, but I didn’t. It was better this way, even safer this way. I had to keep my family safe, and my friends safe, and if that meant keeping my mouth shut, I would gladly do so. I can’t even tell you.

Week #18

That key. I need that key. That key is the only way I’ll be able to survive, because they’re coming. Eventually the whole world is going to unravel, and that key is the only way I’ll be able to get to my underground layer to stay safe from it all. It’s also the only way I’ll save me, my family, and my friends. So what did I do when I saw that key? I reached out and grabbed it, and got all my friends, their families, and my families, and got us into the layer so we were safe.

Week #19

Along the coast of Florida, people could compete for the grand prize of 1 million dollars. The competition consisted of many obstacle coarse’s, and challenges that certain teams would have to participate in. Lots of people took this very seriously and it was very important to them. Tons of people would be devastated if they didn’t win. The teams competing were the red team, green team, blue team, yellow team, and purple team. Finally, it was time to figure out who the winner is, so the host announced it. “…And the winner is… the red team!!” The crowd went crazy. Image from this site.

Group Of Young People Running And Competing On A Beach High-Res Stock Photo  - Getty Images

Week #16

…’It’s not like last year’, he thought…until he realized it was exactly last year. Covid-19 was still around just like 2020 and 2021. It was also just like last year because last year was only yesterday, and major changes don’t happen over night. He kept on thinking and realized it was somewhat odd how he thought so many things were going to change over night, and he wondered what had got to his head. He soon came to the conclusion that everything is still the same, but he was going to have goals and get them accomplished this year.

Week #17

In New York City all you can see is yellow everywhere. Yellow Taxis roam the streets transporting people back and fourth to wherever they may need to go. New York city also has lots of waterfalls the rain down heavily towards the ground below them. Two of those waterfalls just so happen to be Niagara Falls and the American falls, which are amazing to be able to see in person. So many people come so excited to come and see the wonders of New York and all of the many sights there all to see.

Vision Board 2022

This is my vision board for 2022. It describes my goals for the new year. These goals include getting straight A’s every grading period, learning how to drive, reading new book series, going on vacation to the beach, helping other people find their salvation with Christ, attempting to do cross country, eating healthier, learning how to french/dutch braid my hair, and practicing basketball.

One Wish…

If I had one wish that wish would be that everyone that celebrates Christmas, would have a good Christmas. Some people don’t have the privilege of feeling loved on Christmas, or some don’t have the option to see their loved ones. Different people go through different things that might not be visible to the public, that’s why my wish is that they could have that one day to look forward to that would be a good day. Hopefully on that day they wouldn’t have to worry and they could just be happy. After all, that’s what Christmas is about. (Link to image.)

Week 11

My opinion on transportation is that sometimes it becomes a problem. I think it can become a problem because it can end up harming the planet and polluting it and the long term effects of that won’t be very pretty. However, not too much can be done about that because people have to travel for business or sometimes for family matters. If people couldn’t travel it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing for the earth, it would just be very inconvenient for humans. I personally think more things should be done to help reduce pollution from vehicles in general.

McDowell Middle School

The image above represents my school. This year is McDowell’s 50th anniversary, so I’m going to tell you a little bit about my everyday life here, and some things about my school. To start off I usually get to school around 7:40, and my dad drives me to school. School starts at about 7:55 and ends at 2:33. That’s when I ride the bus home and get home at about 2:45. During the school day I have seven periods, which include math, science, Ela, lunch, AE, social studies, technology, and guided study. Guided study and AE are study periods where I work on my assignments or things I didn’t get done in other classes. Each period is about 50 minutes long, except for my 5th period which is actually an hour long. Overall, the day goes by pretty fast and is decently fun. 


We don’t choose what subjects we get to learn, but we do get to choose between band, choir, guided study, and gym class at the end of our 6th grade year. The other classes are pretty much assigned to us and we have to go to them everyday. Each class typically has a different teacher unless your AE or guided study teacher has another class that they teach. A really important tool that we use everyday is a Chromebook which is basically a computer that the school monitors. It helps us in a way so that we don’t have to keep track of a bunch of papers, everything’s just online. 


The school grounds of McDowell aren’t super interesting, but at the same time they are unique. My school is right across the road from a cornfield and the building in front of ours in the Logan Elm high school. My school is located right outside of a town called Circleville. Other than that it’s typically like your average school. We have a basketball court, a tennis court, a football field, and right beside my school construction workers are building a new school for the Logan Elm district. It’s going to have an elementary school, middle school, and high school all together. Hopefully this helps you picture what my school is like, and somewhat of what it looks like.